The Fund’s investment objective is to provide significant capital appreciation primarily through investments in the leading venture capital firms (each, a “Portfolio Fund”) that focus on blockchain technology, who are making direct equity investments into new and emerging blockchain startups and to which the General Partner of the Fund has direct access:

  • Distributed ledger technology is enabling the creation of new digitally native monies and assets which will be required for the successful migration to a fully digitally world

  • These technologies bring the potential to solve the internet’s current challenges in the areas of security, identity and trust and over concentration.

  • Real companies are emerging that are building businesses utilizing these technologies

  • The backers of the most attractive companies tend to be the leading pureplay blockchain venture capital firms along with a handful of the best general purpose venture firms

  • Investors wishing to invest capital in the early stages need access to these firms. This is hard to accomplish.

  • The General Partner maintains relationships with the leadership of many of these firms as a result of its management the world’s first blockchain venture fund of funds.

  • The Fund will invest in at least ten Portfolio Funds which, given their typical portfolio size of 30 investments, will afford the Fund a diversified portfolio of more than 200 blockchain companies.

  • The Fund will monitor the combined portfolio of the Portfolio Funds in order to identify attractive coinvestment opportunities.

  • The Fund includes a 20% allocation for Direct Investments that will allow the flexibility to coinvest in companies being backed by the Portfolio Funds as well as potentially in opportunities that come directly to the General Partner.

  • The General Partner will operate a coinvestment program for its Limited Partners who invest more than $1 million into the Fund on a deal specific basis.