Blockchain Coinvestors maintains a database of more than 400 managers who are actively investing in blockchain and/or crypto opportunities. Blockchain Coinvestors focuses on long term venture investing and does not invest in crypto hedge funds or funds that primarily invest in cryptocurrencies. The preferred portfolio funds are leading pure-play blockchain venture partnerships including:

“Open networks are empowering the masses”



“Embedding economic incentives into everything”


“Helping entrepreneurs build world-class companies based on blockchain”

Blockchain Capital

“Connecting the world to crypto”

Blockchain.com Ventures

180906_Blufolio Logo RBG Square B (1).png

“Investing in the most promising
blockchain-related startups
in Switzerland and Europe”


“Focused exclusively on public blockchains”

Castle Island Ventures

“Build, grow and engage decentralized communities”


“Powering the shift towards
human-centric computing”

Fabric Ventures

“Accelerate the development of a better financial system”

Digital Currency Group

“Investing in the future, today”

Future Perfect Ventures

“Investing in early-stage distributed web startups”

IDEO CoLab Ventures

“The Catalyst for widespread blockchain adoption and innovation”

Pantera Capital